Team Building Workshops & Retreats

Are you and your team ready to elevate team intelligence & productivity?

Team challenges often manifest in conflict and a failure to build trust. There are many causes for this that may include a lack of understanding of change management, culture building, leadership development and what it takes to optimize team performance. Teams don’t often understand the root causes of those issues or how to work together to prevent them.

We employ our Team Optimization System not only to educate teams but to provide the practices needed for improvement. From a single team to organization-wide implementation, we can help co-located or virtual teams build trust, manage conflict, develop decision making rights, improve overall communication and more.

Pre-Workshop or Retreat

  • Co-created with clients
  • Interviews with team members
  • Team assessment
  • Individual assessment 
  • Team survey 
  • White papers
  • Video and podcasts

Workshops & Retreats

  • Virtual or live
  • Highly interactive human centered design
  • Workbooks, templates and other tools to optimize ideation
  • 90-minutes, half-day, one-day, or multi-day
  • Highly customized to organizational and team needs

Post-Workshop or Retreat Sustainability

  • Recommendations for next steps
  • Action and implementation planning
  • Individual or small group executive coaching
  • Pulse check surveys

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If you would like to find out more about how the Strategic Facilitation Workshops can benefit you, your team or your organization, click here to contact Saeed and learn more.

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