Strategic Planning Workshops & Retreats

Are you and your team ready to develop great vision and great strategy?

Great strategy doesn’t magically appear from PowerPoint decks. Great strategy is developed by great strategists.

Pre-Workshop or Retreat

  • Co-created with clients
  • Interviews with leadership
  • Organizational assessment
  • Individual assessment 
  • Strategy survey 
  • White papers
  • Video and podcasts

Workshops or Retreats

  • Virtual or live
  • Highly interactive human centered design
  • Workbooks, templates and other tools to optimize ideation
  • 90-minutes, half-day, one-day, or multi-day
  • Highly customized to organizational and team needs

Post-Workshop or Retreat Sustainability

  • Recommendations for next steps
  • Action and implementation planning
  • Individual or small group executive coaching
  • Pulse check surveys

Learn More:

If you would like to find out more about how the Strategic Facilitation Workshops can benefit you, your team or your organization, click here to contact Saeed and learn more.

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