My expertise in organizational development and leadership philosophy is the key behind my approach to create effective personal and professional development with a methodology that focuses on:

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Actionable feedback
  • Clear outcomes
  • Tailored guidance
  • Long-term accountability

A track record of success – I have worked with a wide variety of organizations in the US, and internationally. My global perspective has shaped my ability to empathize and respond to any personality, communication style and leadership challenge.

Regular stakeholder interviews and mini 360-degree feedback sessions allow for review of progress and effectiveness of each program highlighted below. If adjustments are needed, they are made in real time to align with performance and organizational goals.


My theory of change is based on one simple premise: The issues that significantly vex individuals and organizations are the people relationship issues and not the subject matter or the content of the work itself.

Every successful workshop begins with a clear understanding of the needs and objectives of an organization, the teams and its leaders. Workshops focus on personal,  professional, team and organizational transformation:

  • Defining, developing, and strengthening leadership teams
  • Creating leadership alignment
  • Building a trusting, values-driven culture
  • Strengthening effective communication
  • Creating dynamic teams and meaningful relationships
  • Engaging people to embrace change and continuous improvement
  • Moving beyond compliance and creating real commitment
  • Establishing cultural transformation

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My focus with you as a coaching client is to leverage your strengths in order to unleash your greatness. I work with you to create the right mindset and then discover the right mechanisms to achieve your goals.

My approach produces both the business results you need now, and the personal transformation that drives future success. Aligning the development needs of the individual with the objectives of the organization, I provide a confidential and supportive feedback-rich environment where you can gain valuable insights
and develop positive new behaviors to lead, create change, and have impact.

I work with you to:

  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Master adaptive leadership
  • Transform your communication skills
  • Enhance your ability to influence beyond formal authority


In the best organizations, success is fueled by a shared vision, values, purpose and goals;
a strong culture supported by honest communication; common respect and understanding of the organization’s limited resources; and across-the-board acceptance of the direction and urgency required to achieve excellence.

But some organizations can’t seem to get out of their own way. Teams work at
cross-purposes, waste valuable resources, and become bogged down with bureaucracy
and red tape. In these organizations, form becomes more important than substance,
and the blame game and mistrust is rampant.

I have worked with a a wide variety of organizations in the US and internationally  to improve the business performance and outcomes of people critical to the organization’s success including:

  • Organizational development advising
  • Team and culture building strategy
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Training
  • Content marketing
  • Coalition, collaboration and partnership building
  • Leadership development


Are you looking to be the kind of leader who is strategically skilled in your development,
communication, focus, mission, and messaging? If so, contact Saeed to find out how he can help your organization and leadership development.