What’s Your Story?

April 26, 2018 • 2 minute read • by Saeed

Want to up your job interview game? Learn how to tell your story.

Step 1: Start by asking a few ‘Origin Story’ questions by going back in time (pro tip: ask your mom the same questions):

  • What have I always gravitated towards naturally?
  • What activities did I lose myself in?
  • What did I talk about all the time?
  • What did I love to read?

Step 2: Extract key themes to ‘discover’ your true self.

Step 3: Connect these discoveries with what you do now or want to do.

Step 4: Look at job openings with this new perspective.

Step 5: Look for jobs that reconnect you to these early ‘values.’

Step 6: In the interview, connect a story from your past to the role you are applying for in the present and connect the two to show why you are the right fit.

Step 7: Sign offer letter.

Good luck.

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