Is It Enough to “Follow Your Passion?”

July  10, 2017 •   3 minute read • by Saeed

“To be a great motorcycle racer, the most important thing is passion for the bike.” ~ Valentino Rossi

Follow your passion.

Seems simple enough. The theory behind this advice is that following your passion will inevitably lead to happiness and that when the chips are down, you are more likely to persevere because, it is after all, your passion.

That’s all good and well but many struggle with their passion.

What if your passion is philosophy or karate or motorcycle racing? Should you become a professor or own a dojo or compete in MotoGP?

Is that the path to personal fulfillment?

There is a limitation to a paradigm that seems, at least on the surface, self-serving?

What about impact on others? What about social good?

So, there is a flip side to this coin.

Follow your passion, yes but also do what provides value to others. Following your passion will only help you check off some of the boxes towards fulfillment and happiness.

Helping others is the secret to being personally fulfilled and happy over the long haul.

That is because a fundamental connection to others is necessary for true personal fulfillment.

Focus on getting at something that genuinely helps others and makes the world a better place and you will find fulfillment and happiness.

You do this by spending your time solving problems and finding your vehicle for self-expression.

Spend your time where your energy and effort meet someone’s need.

Passion is not a job, a sport or hobby or a dream. It is the full force of your attention and energy that you give to whatever is right in front of you – not something you desire in a distant time and place.

Following your passion means being all in – not just dabbling.

Following your passion is not just about something that can make you feel happy but it is also the impact that something has on others.

Passion is an obsession. Passion is love. Passion is pain. Passion is also hatred.Because along with the positive feelings passion can stimulate, there is a need for perfection that comes with the obsession. Good enough is never good enough and passionate people often don’t feel ‘good enough.’

Passionate people are almost always ambitious. They are characterized by drive, limitless energy, and motivation. They transform passion into raw enthusiasm which is then processed into an internal drive that keeps them going.

Passion is a gift and a curse.

Not everyone has the courage or the opportunity to follow their passion. For some, being practical is a more important survival skill.

For others, the obsession leaves them no choice.

Good luck.

©2017 – All Content and Photography by Saeed H. Mirfattah, M.A.

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