“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” ~ Albert Einstein

Hi. I’m Saeed.

I coach, consult, and create content at the intersection of personal, professional and organizational development.

Let me explain.

I believe that the issues that hold back progress in organizations are the people relationship issues – not the subject matter or the content of the work itself. Research also supports this idea.

I also believe that 20% of your energy should be devoted to your work, while the other 80% should be devoted to self-improvement. This is what fuels your work and makes it better than anyone else’s.

Finally, I believe that your outer conditions are a reflection of your inner reality. Your circumstances reveal you to yourself. Where you are right now is entirely where you deserve to be. If you want something different, then you have to improve you.

I created this site to help people be the most effective human beings they can be; in short, to help them find their inner awesomeness! You might say I am an evangelist for effectiveness – an alchemist of ideas.

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  1. Hey! great little read about superhero leadership. I’m newly trying to harness more abilities around leadership. Your article was inspiring. Thank you!

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